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At Hope Factory, our mission is simple: we help the people who help people. 

From non-profits and hospitals to universities and corporations, we give organizations better tools to raise more money and make deeper connections with Donors, Consumers, and Corporate Partners

One way we help organizations to Harness Consumer Spend is through our Round UP solution, making it easier for people to give while spending like they normally would.

What is Round UP?

“Rounding” is a type of micro-donation that you’ve probably experienced before. Maybe the last time you bought a coffee at McDonald’s they asked you to round up to the next dollar and donate the difference to Ronald McDonald House… that’s rounding!

Our Round UP solution is based on that exact concept, but it’s a lot more automated, seamlessly digital, and guilt-free (no more asking for donations at cash registers!). 

Round UP allows Consumers to “round up” every single transaction, using their enrolled Visa or Mastercard through card-linking technology. When a Consumer joins a Hope Factory ecosystem, like the Round UP for GenWell Program, they agree to round their card purchases up to the nearest dollar, depositing those rounded funds into a “digital spare change jar” that lives on our platform. 

At the end of every month, the “digital spare change jar” is emptied, and the accumulated funds are sent to the ecosystem’s associated Charity or Cause (which could be you!).

Round UP enables Consumers to go from giving sporadically to giving on a monthly recurring basis, easily joining an ecosystem to support Cause and initiatives that they align with.

Why Choose Round UP?

There are four major benefits for a Cause or Charity to set up a Hope Factory ecosystem and encourage their donors to enroll in Round UP.

1. It diversifies your revenue streams.

Standing up an ecosystem adds micro-donations to your fundraising portfolio, avoiding the difficulties that can arise from putting “all your eggs in one donor basket.” 

2. It expands your donor pool.

Many people feel unfit to donate because they can’t give “enough.” Round UP takes the pressure off of “big” donations, prioritizing smaller, more consistent donations instead. It also puts people in your donor funnel who can be converted to Middle and Large Donors in the future.

3. It encourages sustainable long-term giving. 

Because Round UP enables smaller-scale donations, your donors can remain donors for much longer without feeling donation-induced financial stress. 

4. It offers an extremely low-barrier opportunity to give back. 

Consumers – and future Donors – have next-to-no efforts on an ongoing basis when they enroll with Round UP. After they enroll and link their card, all they have to do is spend like usual…plus they have consistent, gentle reminders from you and your Cause along the way. It doesn’t get easier than that! So it is kinda like ‘set it and forget it’ but because of gentle reminders, there is no “forget-it’ here. Your donors will know that they are giving a little bit to someone else when they buy something for themselves!

Who is Round UP for?

One of the greatest things about Round UP that we haven’t talked about yet is how many types of organizations can use it to meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility goals, while showcasing their Business with a Conscience mentality.  

The types of organizations that are well suited to offer our Round UP solution through a Hope Factory ecosystem, are seemingly endless… but here are just a few examples. 

  1. Corporations, or for-profit businesses with “non-profit” arms (like McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald House as an example) can use Round UP to enhance consumer engagement and Corporate Partner value.
  2. Charities can use Round UP to create a new and sustainable source of unrestricted funds, reducing barriers for people to become long-term Mass Donors. 
  3. Hospitals can use Round UP to engage and retain relationships with patients and families while converting Mass Donors into Middle and Large Donors. 
  4. Universities and colleges can use Round UP to encourage alumni to give back to areas of the school they care most about at an earlier age so as to be able to sheppard these alumni into Middle and Large Donors in the future.
  5. Non-profits and associations can use Round UP to build a loyal supporter base, enhance member donation experience, and improve community relations.

If you are a business without your own “arm’s length” non-profit, you can still support a Cause you believe in by “Boosting” consumer Round UPs. Reach out to inquire about Boosting and we can help match you with a right-sized Cause for your business. 

No matter what kind of Cause or Charity you are or how you define your geographical market, there’s a way for you to use Hope Factory solutions to Harness Consumer Spend. Round UP empowers Consumers of all kinds to give a little back to a Cause that they care about — your Cause! 

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