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We are

Hope Factory

We want to Make the World a Better Place with Every Transaction.

We Are Hope Factory

We want to Make the World a Better Place with Every Transaction.

We built our SaaS-based solution with our Vision in mind:


every cause in need.


every active credit card holder looking to support a cause that they believe in.


every organization looking to help more & sell more.

Meet The Team

Michael Zivot

CEO & Co-Founder


Amazing People

Richard Smith

COO & Co-Founder

David Barach

Chief Strategy Officer

Carolyn Armstrong

Business Development

Chris Gostling

Brand & Communication Strategy



Paul Brookes

Digital Strategy


Years of Experience

(we ran out of fingers & toes)

Nikki Bettinelli

Social Media Lead

Jill Innes

Product Management & Design

Paul Greenwood

Product Development



We built Hope Factory because we believe in…


We believe in the human spirit, and we believe that the world is at its best when people work together.


We believe in the perseverance of people in business, and the people who are in the business of helping people.


Whether it is where you live or work, or however you define the Communities you are a part of, we believe that your Communities should be vibrant. And we know that you want them to be vibrant.


We believe that as long as there is action, even small activity everyday, there is always reason to Hope for a better tomorrow for everyone.

We think a lot about hope, and so do others.

...optimism is the belief that things will turn out all right; hope makes no such assumption but is a conviction that one can act to make things better in some way.

Arthur C. BrooksHarvard Professor and Contributing Writer for "The Atlantic"
From the article "The Difference Between Hope and Optimism"

In reference to Arthur C. Brooks' quote:
'In other words, Optimism is a nice sentiment while Hope does the heavy lifting. Hope is the spirit that pushes us to find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.'

Deborah MacLatchyPresident and Vice-Chancellor of Wilfred Laurier UniversityJune 2022 Convocation Ceremony Speech