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The average amount donated by Canadians every year has been on a small-but-steady incline since 2017, an optimistic representation of charitable giving. 

The reality is that financial stressors are forcing Canadian consumers to choose between the purchases they need to make and the causes they want to support. 

But what if you could empower Canadians to support the causes they love without giving up the day-to-day purchases they need to make? 

We call that Purchasing with Purpose and it’s easier to do than you might think!

What does that look like? Read on to find out!

What Does Purchasing with Purpose Mean?

At its core, the idea is simple: it means making purchase decisions that are fuelled by purpose. 

For the average consumer, purchasing with purpose might look like choosing to support brands that align with their personal values. Whether that is a cause or organization they truly believe in, a company that does “good’’ in the world, or a brand that follows ethical/moral practices. Purchasing with purpose can also mean intentionally avoiding brands or organizations that don’t step up, or differ from a consumer’s core values.

So how can corporations, non-profits, businesses, associations, and universities align with their employees, donors, clients and communities and take advantage of their desire to use their purchasing power for good? 

With Hope Factory it’s easy and effective! Our platform allows organizations to empower their communities to tie giving to spending, making purchasing with purpose as simple as buying their morning coffee.

How to Purchase with Purpose Using Hope Factory

One of the easiest ways for organizations to start supporting purchasing with purpose is by taking advantage of Hope Factory’s customizable platform and flexible solutions.

You can Purchase with Purpose using Hope Factory in 3 simple steps. 

Step 1: Sign Up

The first (and easiest) step is to sign up. Signing up for Hope Factory means kickstarting your organization’s journey to purchasing with purpose and getting one step closer to helping your communities to do the same. 

Step 2: Choose a Solution

Once you’re set up with Hope Factory, our team will help you choose one, or both, of our solutions that you can leverage to encourage purchasing with purpose. 

1. Round UP

Choosing our Round UP solution allows your employees, clients, donors, and community members to “round up” every transaction made by a Hope Factory-enrolled Visa or Mastercard. The “rounded up” funds accumulate in a digital spare change jar, and at the end of every month are automatically redirected from the consumer to your chosen charity or initiative.

Round UP is easy to implement. All you have to do is encourage your community to sign up and purchase how they normally would; the only thing that changes is how much of a difference their spending makes.

2. Cash Forward

Choosing our Cash Forward solution allows your organization to join forces with aligned Merchants, inviting them to your Hope Factory platform. Merchants then “push cash forward” from every eligible consumer transaction, donating a predetermined portion of the purchase to your chosen charity or initiative up to their chosen budget. Additional community members, such as real estate agents, or car dealerships can jump in on the action by “Boosting” the Merchants’ donations with their own.

Our Cash Forward tool was designed so that everyone wins. Customers support their purpose, organizations, merchants and businesses build customer loyalty by fulfilling their ESG goals, and — most importantly — a good cause gets much-needed support.

Purchasing with Purpose using Hope Factory's cash forward solution
Step 3: Empower Your Community

After setting up the platform for your organization, all that’s left to do is spread the word and entrench your community. 

Whether you’re finding community members to boost your Cash Forward, running campaigns to promote Rounding UP for your cause, or both, choosing Hope Factory transforms your organization into one that empowers and encourages people to do more with their money.

Purchasing with Purpose is a simple concept that can make a huge difference to causes and organizations that strive to do good.

From signing up for our platform to collaborating with like-minded businesses and spreading the word in your communities, purchasing with purpose doesn’t have to be complicated. 

And when you choose Hope Factory, it’s not. 

Learn more about how you can make the world a better place with every transaction!
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