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Every year, on the first Tuesday after American Thanksgiving, people around the globe take part in “the world’s largest generosity movement.” GivingTuesday was born out of a desire to counteract end-of-year consumerism, encouraging people to focus less on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and more on giving back and doing good. We love it!

In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of participating in this annual day of giving and highlight how you can make every day GivingTuesday with Hope Factory. 

The Benefits of GivingTuesday

For many organizations, GivingTuesday represents the single greatest fundraising opportunity of the year. According to CanadaHelps, GivingTuesday generated $13 million in 2022, supporting over 9,000 Canadian organizations with their generosity. What’s more, data suggests that participating organizations see continued success throughout the rest of the year; participating charities raise 5.6x more after GivingTuesday than those who didn’t participate. 

At its core, GivingTuesday is not meant to create feelings of guilt or obligation to give back. Rather, “[it’s] an opportunity to be part of something that’s big and meaningful and feels great.” 

And that’s absolutely something Hope Factory can get behind.  

The Other 364 Days of the Year

While the benefits of GivingTuesday are impressive – and it’s a great way to generate excitement in your donor pool or get creative with communications –  it can be difficult to sustain donor engagement in the way your non-profit needs. And, in light of new fundraising trends and increasing preferences for micro-donation, organizations need to lean on complementary methods of fundraising to keep your non-profit top-of-mind all year round.

That’s where Hope Factory’s Round UP tool can help. 

Complementing GivingTuesday with Round UP

Not only does Hope Factory’s Round UP tool closely align with the main principles of GivingTuesday, but it also helps fill the fundraising gaps presented by a one-day initiative. Round UP is the perfect complementary solution to GivingTuesday initiatives in 4 main ways. 

1. Round UP creates loyalty.

With new, younger generations of donors coming into focus with different donation-based priorities, the need for people to connect with the non-profits they’re supporting is stronger than ever. In the same way that people give to value-aligned non-profits on GivingTuesday, people can use Round UP to support their most-loved non-profits – like yours! – every single time they use their credit card. That means that they are connecting with your nonprofit several times per day!

2. Round UP is applicable year-round. 

GivingTuesday generates an influx of donations in one day, which can leave you susceptible to low donation months the rest of the year. And, of course, you always wonder if your donors will still be around next year come GivingTuesday. Round UP can turn GivingTuesday donors into ongoing donors by linking them to your non-profit. Once their cards are linked in Hope Factory, you’ll receive one transfer of all their accumulated micro-donations every month instead of waiting until the next “big” day to fundraise. 

3. Round UP isn’t financially stressful.

According to Moneris, GivingTuesday donations have been down since 2021 thanks to factors like job insecurity and the increased cost of living. Round UP mitigates the financial stress related to large, one-time donations by leveraging the power of micro-donation to create smaller recurring monthly donations.This makes it less financially stressful for people to give the same amount (or more!) to your non-profit. 

4. Round UP gives you rich data

When you compare a $25 GivingTuesday donation to a $25 donation through Hope Factory’s Round UP, it might seem like the exact same thing… but it’s not. The Hope Factory platform delivers rich data in aggregate and anonymous reporting, helping non-profits understand where their donations are coming from, informing future campaigns, maximizing Corporate Partnership value, and  supporting incremental funding.

For non-profits and charities across the country, GivingTuesday can generate incredible donations, giving organizations the funds they need to continue doing work that makes a difference.

However, complementing your GivingTuesday efforts with Hope Factory’s Round UP is the perfect solution for both one-off and long-term fundraising. That way, the non-profits people care most about (like yours!) can continue making a difference in the world, not just around GivingTuesday… but every day, all year long.