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As Canadians, organized sports are a huge part of our culture and communities.

From watching the Leafs at home to cheering on TFC from the stands, sports organizations have a huge place in our hearts…and our children’s hearts, too. 

74% of Canadian children from ages 5 to 17 participate in some sort of extracurricular sport, highlighting just how important organized sports are to Canadian youth. 

What’s less talked about though, is the importance of fundraising for Canadian sports organizations, and the impact it has on the kids who play and the families who support them. And for some kids, it’s the only way they get to play – which may be the most important benefit of all.

With an ever-increasing need for funds alongside a constantly evolving digital landscape, it’s time for sports organizations to reconsider their current fundraising models… and Hope Factory is one way for them to succeed. 

The Current Fundraising Landscape

Before diving into improving sports fundraising, it’s important to understand the current landscape first. 

Fundraising for sports organizations is commonplace in Canada, but the impact of those funds is often less discussed. As it stands, youth sports organizations rely on registration fees and (occasionally) government funds and grants to fulfil any and all operating costs associated with the team.  

“Good fundraising solutions are the heartbeat of community sports organizations,” says Colleen Grimes, VP Promotion at the Ontario Lacrosse Association, meaning external fundraising is a “need” for these groups, not just a “want.”  

Despite the importance of fundraising for sports organizations, are current efforts even effective? On their own, not as much as they could be. 

Sports organization fundraisers have traditionally focused on events like bottle drives, bike-a-thons, restaurant-hosted dinners, and car washes to satisfy their fundraising needs. More recently, digital initiatives have found their way into the mix too, with platforms like FlipGive offering sports-focused fundraising solutions. 

However, the problem with these solutions is the labour they require from teammates, parents, caregivers, and family members. 

From volunteering at events that busy families don’t have time for, to expecting extra funds on top of mandatory participation costs, other options can actually increase the strain on the team. 

In addition to increasing stress instead of reducing it, other solutions often leave out the “community” aspect of sports organizations, too.

“Fostering a legacy of community support is vital for the continued success of any community sports organization,” according to Colleen Grimes… and that’s where Hope Factory comes in. 

Our solutions offer a new way to fundraise that’s easier on busy schedules and asks less from caregivers and supporters at one time. What’s more, our solutions help elevate the team’s sense of community while working alongside traditional methods (instead of replacing them). 

Hope Factory Eases Busy Schedules

From coaches to grandparents to the players themselves, sports organizations are jam-packed with busy people. Instead of adding a mandatory event that your already-overextended team can’t commit to, Hope Factory’s Cash Forward solution lets everyone go through their week according to their existing schedule — no extra commitments needed. 

Hope Factory Streamlines Management

Fundraising initiatives for sports organizations can get out of hand quickly. When the skate-a-thon is in full swing and someone’s parent hands you cash, there’s no time to figure out who it was… and forget about tracking or donation receipts. The Hope Factory ecosystem makes tracking easy, so you know what money came from what organization. Once everyone’s in the ecosystem, sponsorships and partnerships are streamlined, too. 

Hope Factory Asks Less from Families

No matter how important they are to kids and communities, there’s no getting around the fact that minor league sports can cost a lot upfront. Hope Factory takes the pressure off parents and families to give large sums of money multiple times throughout the year with our Cash Forward or Round UP solutions. This solution allows families to give back to the team with each eligible transaction without asking them to change their typical spending. 

Hope Factory Elevates the Community

Perhaps the most important part of sports organizations is their impact on the community. The teams themselves are undoubtedly their own community, but no minor league sports team exists without being intertwined with local businesses and support. Hope Factory’s Cash Forward solutions empower sports organizations to give back to the community that supports them without sacrificing their own need for fundraising — everyone can win. 

Hope Factory Works Alongside Traditional Methods

Some digital solutions are presented as a way to replace traditional methods, but we don’t think you need to pick one or the other. Hope Factory can supplement traditional fundraising methods by guaranteeing a more reliable source of donations. Receiving consistent donations through Hope Factory’s Cash Forward or Round UP solutions means the team can put the “fun” They can choose more exciting traditional events that focus on fun, team-building, and community… instead of putting pressure on the event to pay for the next tournament.

Hope Factory solutions are more than just a complement to traditional sports organization fundraising. They’re a win-win-win-win solution for everyone involved. 

Coaches take manual sponsorship and fund management off their “To Do” list. 

Parents get fewer requests for funds or to find space in their calendar that doesn’t exist.

The community gets ongoing support from family spending while supporting their local youth. 

Most importantly, though, the kids get to play for teams with resources, equipment, and opportunities. 

And when one of us wins, all of us win. 

Want to learn more about how your sports organization can raise more money with Hope Factory? Fill out the form below and our team will be in touch.