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When you pair an organization wanting to make a more connected Canada with a company whose technology is transforming the way we fundraise, there is no limit to the impact that can be made on people’s lives.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with The GenWell Project. 

What is The GenWell Project?

The GenWell Project is a registered Canadian non-profit built to address the issues of social isolation, disconnection, and loneliness that so many Canadians face. The creation of The GenWell Project  – also referred to as Canada’s Human Connection Movement – was heavily inspired by the 2003 Eastern Seaboard blackouts. 

During the blackout, over 50 million North Americans found themselves without power, unable to connect or check in with each other in the usual ways like texts or phone calls. Instead, people  gathered face-to-face with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and classmates, to share food and drink and get connected. 

After more than a decade of reflecting on the blackout, and considering how nationwide distress could transform into life-changing connections, The GenWell Project was launched in 2016. Not long after the official launch, GenWell Weekend was created, giving participants an excuse, opportunity and permission to reach out and get connected for our own well-being and the well-being of others.

How Hope Factory Fits In with The GenWell Project

The team at Hope Factory is proud to be supporting The GenWell Project, helping fulfill their mission of being “a Canadian-led, Global Human Connection Movement that generates a stronger and healthier society by igniting greater social connection.” 

When asked about partnering with The GenWell Project, our co-founder Michael Zivot said it was an “easy decision.”

“The GenWell Project fits like a glove for Hope Factory as an early-stage partner because Human Connection is so crucial to other issues including mental and physical wellness,” says Michael. “Giving a little bit every day with every transaction is very consistent with The GenWell Project’s Human Connection Movement, which we feel should be an important element of everyone’s day. And our team feels amazing about supporting that.”

Hope Factory will be working closely with The GenWell Project to streamline and improve their fundraising efforts, helping them achieve their vision of “building a more connected Canada.” By leveraging our platform and Round UP solution, we’ll be offering The GenWell Project an effective, affordable, and ownable way to convert believers into donors into repeat supporters. 

“We’re incredibly excited about our partnership with The GenWell Project,” says Michael. “We’re looking forward to bringing Hope Factory’s powerful tools to The GenWell Project, helping them harness Corporate Partnerships in ways that no Cause has been able to before we built our platform.”

“Partnering with the Hope Factory, an innovative fundraising platform, gives a new and innovative movement like The GenWell Project an opportunity to provide its biggest supporters with unique ways in which they can support our work to help build a more connected Canada. We are thrilled to be the first Canadian Not-For-Profit to launch Round UP for GenWell,” says Pete Bombaci, GenWell’s Founder.

Looking Ahead 

Following the launch of the Round UP for GenWell ecosystem today, we’ll be working hard with their team to help The GenWell Project’s current champions leverage the power of our Round UP solution. Using their new Hope Factory ecosystem, The GenWell Project can better offer their communities an easy and sustainable way to support their endeavors. 

Next week we’ll be celebrating the 2023 GenWell Weekend, September 22-24, and looking ahead to the Spartan Race on October 22 in Collingwood, Ontario. These events — alongside other initiatives in the months to come — will support the “Round UP for GenWell” program, cultivating new, mutually beneficial Corporate Partnerships while continuing to expand GenWell’s pool of recurring monthly supporters. 

To learn more about The GenWell Project’s history, take a pledge to human connection, or enroll in their Hope Factory ecosystem, please visit

The Hope Factory and The GenWell Project collaboration reflects a partnership founded on common goals, like-minded missions, and a desire to make the world a better place through the Human Connection Movement. Propelled by the power of the Hope Factory platform, we’re confident that this partnership will make an impact across the country, making the world a better, stronger, more connected place with every transaction. 

Do you want to Round UP for GenWell? Visit their Hope Factory ecosystem here.